Welcome to My Super PASS - Partners & Payloadz Affiliate Support System

Hello thanks for stopping by today and welcome. This is the support center for Face+ Media Partners and Affiliates. I'm working on growing a great community here and on Google+ to assist in my partnerships and help others grow uniquely through my community. We have a digital store and distribute products and services and also offer commissions for prospective partners seeking to earn more revenue online and add to existing sources of income.

One BIG thing that our affiliates are overlooking is that on each of the sales pages at Payloadz, is the opportunity to immediately sign up for each product as an affiliate, share them to your social spaces and start promoting immediately because the sooner, the better. Additionally you can (recommended) do huge promotions and earn more :) AWESOME!

Please subscribe to get updates. And If you have any questions, contact me.

Thanks, Shanni :)

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